Coinsquare - Admin Portal Funding

Coinsquare - Admin Portal - Funding


The problem

Employees in Coinsquare’s financial department were experiencing difficulty with its current internal portal and the overall process that enabled administrators to perform the task of funding user accounts.

The current portal was difficult to use and required them to integrate several external applications into the task flow in order to efficiently process these requests.


The Objective

To create a streamlined solution that addresses’ the funding and withdrawal process between Coinsquare and its users. Providing them with a product that was intuitive, secure, simplified able to fill the gaps of their current task flow.


User research

My research was a very intensive and ongoing phase, as the overall design was based on this. It became apparent that there were three groups of users who were involved in this process. I shadowed members of the main finance team who were responsible for processing large sums of money on and off the platform, as well as other stakeholders within the company whose roles were directly impacted by this process.


User Task Flow

I analyzed the Funding process that employees on the finance team go through when they are verifying user deposits and transactions. I wanted to explore gaps and paint points in the current task so that I could streamline and improve Coinsquare’s Admin Portal.

Current Task Flow_Portfolio@3x.png

Key Findings

Coinsquare’s current Admin Portal was built as a solution to support various roles in the organization and is deeply integrated with other process’ throughout the company.

The current process integrates several other applications that fill the gaps of the users needs that require the user to leave the admin portal to facilitate this process. As a result there is a disconnect in information which should be streamlined and validated on one program acting as a source of truth. The current funding validation process uses a total of 4 applications: Excel, Coinsquare Bank Account, Admin Portal & Slack. We cannot currently eliminate the Coinsquare Bank Account and Excel as they are linked to several other financial process’ which would create a break in the system.

Our quick fix is to eliminate the need for Slack as they depend on this application to help team members communicate and validate each transactions. This gap in communication is currently what is creating the greatest amount of friction in this process.


Competitive Analysis

Based on our user research I determined that the best way to to go about solving this problem was to reference task management tools. I wanted the users to be able to assign tasks, view the progress of tickets, and access features that are pertinent to their role in the company. Allowing internal users to collaborate and view the progress of their tickets based on their role on an going basis.


Key Requirements:

Based on my findings, I identified some key requirements I wanted to prioritize that would be integral in providing an optimal experience for our users.

  1. Create new ticket.

  2. View tickets in progress in list format.

  3. Search user profile.

  4. Upload ticket info.

  5. Compare ticket info to user profile.

  6. Communicate to team members.

  7. Add Memos.

  8. Change approval status of ticket.


Wire-frame user feedback:

Once I gained an initial direction towards how to solve this problem. I reviewed basic wire-frames of my solution with internal users and validated their ability to perform future tasks using this process. Some major feedback I received towards improving this current ideation included.

  1. View Funding & Withdraw history in ticket profile in order to compare tickets to previous transactions.

  2. Upload additional receipts for validation.

  3. Zoom in on ticket information to view details of transaction.

  4. Delete ticket information if you uploaded the wrong information.


Hi-Fi User Feedback

  1. List Funding & Withdrawal tickets in same area. As the validation of these tickets is performed by the same internal users.

  2. Enlarge the size of uploaded ticket receipt view so user can compare ticket details to, user profile info.

  3. Change funding type when creating ticket. As each funding method features its own set of requirements.

  4. Create a different ticket profile breakdown for each funding method.